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Welcome to EPRAGATHI

We recycle IT Products, Metal Products, Components, Molybdenum etc.


EPragathi, India’s Government approved electronic waste recycler started operations from September 2012,is engaged in handling, use and reusing of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment(WEEE) in co-friendly approach. The initiative is to aim at reducing the buildup of used and discarded electronic and electrical equipment’s, that most find yourself in landfills or partially recycled in a very insanitary conditions by curtilage recyclers so partially thrown into waste streams damaging the setting.The objective of EPragathi is to make a chance to transfer waste into socially and industrially useful raw materials like valuable metals, plastics and glass mistreatment straightforward, value economical, home grown, environmental friendly technologies appropriate to Indian Conditions.

EPragathi is India’s Electronic Waste use company approved by each Central Pollution instrument panel and Mysore State Pollution instrument panel, placed in 7th and 9th cross, Peenya 1st Stage, Near TVS Cross, Bangalore Industrial space close to city, within the space already earmarked for unsafe waste management by Government of Mysore.

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What is E-waste ?

E-Waste is defined as Electronic or Electrical Equipments/Products that have become obsolete because of advancement in technology or changes in fashion.

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Benefits of Recycling.

If “Managed” Safely by Recycling. E-Waste can be a secondary source of raw material , Other Benefits are :

  • Economic Benefits – Revenue generation from recovered materials.
  • Environmental Benefits – Natural resource Conservation and Reduction in Environmental pollution.
  • Social Benefits – Employment generation.

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Why Should We Recycle ?

Reasons Recycle E-Waste

  • The Earth’s Natural Resources are limited and hence we need to make sure that we preserve them and use them carefully.
  • E-Waste disposed to municipal waste releases hazardous toxin materials in to environment causing Environmental pollution.
  • To Eliminate landfill.
  • To Save Mother Earth by  preventing air, water and soil pollution.
  • To generate employment opportunity.

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7th & 9th Cross,
Peenya 1st Stage,
Near TVS Cross,
Bangalore - 58

Mobile No. : - 9880455517
Phone : 080-40916019