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Our | Policies and Mission

Policies of EPragathi square measure Non- combustion disposal strategies and minimum lowland to satisfy all compliance and necessities.

We recycle E-Waste within the most environmentally friendly manner and cling to minimum lowland policy.

Vision Statement

To become a foremost facility and supply top-class services and solutions for E-Waste usage, to assist mother earth to reap most resources.

Our Environment Health and Safety Policy

EPragathi management believes that the approaches towards protective atmosphere, securing health and making certain safety of its workers square measure of utmost significance. we tend to square measure altogether dedicated associated committed to conduct e-waste management in an atmosphereally accountable manner with physiological condition and safety practices and thereby protective the environment and creating safe, healthy and accident free work place.

We aim to

  • Become a centre of excellence for electronic waste usage.
  •  Recover most resources from electronic waste and minimize lowland.
  •  Adopt cleaner technologies and best practices and try for continual improvement.
  •  Adopt measures for the hindrance of air. water & soil pollution.
  •  give safe and healthy operating conditions to any or all persons operating underneath the management of our organization by providing adequate facilities.
  • Committed to forestall injury, and health problem and try for continual improvement in overall activity health & safety performance.
  •  fits all applicable Environmental and Health and Safety legislation and different demand.
  •  Equip the staff with the knowledge, instruction, coaching supeNision and correct PPE s to make sure atmosphere awareness and conjointly their health and safety. ? Conduct audits, mock drills and periodic health observation to make sure compliance with Health & Safety management demand.

This policy are going to be communicated to any or all the persons operating underneath the management of organizations, interested parties and shall be frequently reviewed.

Our Mission

  • We tend to think about E-Waste not as waste, however a resource for recovery in associate atmosphereal friendly manner to shield environment.
  • Our catchword is three R’s scale back. apply and Recycle, through continuous implementations and innovations in usage technology.
  • Our country, wants less complicated value effective technologies with most resource recovery of metals, plastic and glass by usage electronic waste in environmental friendly method.

EPragathi has taken ton of steps and measures for conservation of resource like Energy, water etc. we’ve been victimization alternative energy for charging of batteries utilized in dismantlement tools.

Rain water is employed for farming.

Moreover our facility building is built eco friendly with value potency :

  • Soil stable bricks created at web site while not the utilization of burnt bricks.
  • Granite dirt used as a substitute for stream sand.
  • Granite sharpening dirt used for renewal the footstall. Waste inorganic compound lime is employed for white laundry.
  • lightweight weight thermocol (Blown poly- styrene) concrete blocks for roofing that reduces consumption of steel and concrete, conjointly provides sound insulation, thermal insulation etc.
  • rubbish sheets from central processing unit cupboards square measure used for gates.
  • Unused obsolete PCBs square measure used as laminates for doors.

Value Statement:

    1. EPragathi exhibit LEADERSHIP as an organization. we tend to square measure initial Indian E-Waste recvelers with government approvals, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certifications. EPragathi’s leadership is found in innovative and in-house developed technologies appropriate to Indian conditions, sound management of E-Waste and unsafe materials with ninety nine usage potency. we tend to add price to waste materials.
    2. we tend to take responsibility for E-Waste usage and disposal. we’ve a bench mark of ninety nine usage. Our services are going to be “best in class” with relevance assortment and disposal of E-Waste. we tend to deliver wonderful services and try for continuous improvement and respond smartly to changes.
    3. EPragathi considers E-Waste as a earth science friend of twenty first century for urban mining of resources to the most and minimum lowland and pollution. we tend to square measure committed to shield and save atmosphere. we tend to price atmosphere and mother Earth.
    4. we tend to are worker centered. we tend to price their talent, hard work, honesty and integrity. we tend to respect our workers and cares for them by speech safetyrfirst, work next.
    5. we tend to respect our customers and square measure dedicated to serve them, the least bit times. we attempt to achieve customers expectations with our services. we tend to respect our customers and serve them to their satisfaction. we tend to work hand in hand with our customers and revel in operating along as a team, serving to one another for property growth of the corporate.
    6. we tend to think about our downstream vendors as vital as our customers. we tend to work with them and conjointly facilitate them to upgrade their processes, system necessities to fulfill our compliances.

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